Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Korea charms heart of the people of Imphal city

I keep on thinking to write about an article of 11 Korean missionary who came to Manipur , where I myself was part of it to help them in communicating with Manipuris. But I was engaged with something very important which made me forget to revive what I was thinking, I forgot.

Suddenly, I saw one freind in " social network: Facebook" left me a scrap saying din't you been there to help those kind hearted Korean who came and help people here a Imphal? In response to that, I wrote back saying "yes very much I was there and I did helped them translating korean to manipuri and manipuri to Korean.

Well , after few days later I saw in various newspaper written about the visit of 11 Korean at Imphal title " Korea charm Imphal youths". Many people praise about them , many discussed about the korean cultural impact among the youth of manipuris and its merit and demerits.

It was last day of their 4 days of Rev. Yoon Suck Nahm and his Korean Mission's team visit. Rev. Yoon, his wife along with other 9 members came down. They provide free medical treatment through accupunture,free medicine, hair cut and atractive gift items.

I know many people especially the youths of Manipur are big fan of Korean wave. They follow everything what they saw in the movies, drama and K-pop. Even in Kindergaten manipuri teachers start teaching Korean rhymes like " Kom sey mari ka haan chibey isso...appa kom , amma kom ..aegi kom..", but there I saw many ladies of some 40, 45 to late 60,s old came to get treatment. It was fantastic to see many people throng there and lined up for getting treat-ment and haircut.

When I talk to them, they were too,very curious to know more about our clture and the resemblance. They were thrilled to learned about how manipuris are gaga over korean dramas.

Above all these they wanted to know about our very own oriental treatment and medicine. As in Korea, Korean oriental medicine and treatment is quite famous and even people from other countries came down for treatment.

It was short visit for them and us to but quie worthy for both groups. And I wish such things happen in the future too. Because we will able to get into closer with the koreans not only in fashion, movies but in other section . So that manipuri's also can excel in their own traditional medicine and treatment. Manipuri's do have tradiional medicinal way of treatment.

I thank to them because on the very last day the day I was with them, they were getting good response from many people specially for their accupunture treatment. Many people were praising them from their heart but there was communication gap even though they show their expression very well and take wishes from the manipuri peoples do have traditional ways of reatment with hrie own oriental medicine. Many people go for it but now a days people are not so much into that. Otherwise, in India people consider Manipur is one of the place where so many medicinal herbs homeland.

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